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Create a Strategy for Business Growth With These Tips

Create a Strategy for Business Growth With These Tips

Growth is often a top priority for business owners. Seeing success is great, but being able to expand and reach new levels within your industry can be far more rewarding. Naturally, you cannot rush into growth without first formulating a strategy. Often, business owners make the mistake of moving too fast and collapsing under the weight of their newfound size. By devising a plan for business growth, however, you can start to see results from your efforts. Use these tips to create a practical strategy of your own.

Organization Is Everything

Perhaps the most important bit of advice to keep in mind is to stay organized. There are going to be a lot of moving pieces involved in the expansion process. If you want to stay on top of everything, you need to create a system that is both ordered and easy to understand. This way, you will be able to access files and data without wasting time sorting through unlabeled files and endless stacks of unsorted papers. What’s more, being organized from the start helps you avoid a mess of other complications later.

Creativity Will Help

Another key component of business growth is creativity. While you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to take your company to new heights, you do want to think outside the box as much as possible. Revolutionizing the way people view your brand does not require great efforts, either. Often, you simply need to consider what you and your competitors are doing and try something a bit different. The more imagination you exercise, the more surprised you will be by the results you produce. 

Weigh Your Risks

One of the main reasons so many growth attempts fail is that business owners fail to properly consider all risks. When you attempt to expand, you introduce your business to a variety of hazards that you didn’t need to think about before. This means you want to take time to conduct a risk assessment before you ever make any actual moves. Knowing about problems in advance increases the odds that you will be able to avoid the pitfall entirely. Every business will require a different strategy for managing risks, so take your time with this step. 

Time is only one of the many factors involved in growing a business. For you to see the results you are after, you must devise a plan that takes a variety of factors to heart. WHW Capital will work with you directly to structure a sound growth strategy and provide funding options to help you carry out your plans. Contact our offices today to get started.

Break Into the World of Real Estate Investments With This Advice

Break Into the World of Real Estate Investments With This Advice

Purchasing property can be a smart move to make for several reasons. However, it is also a decision that you can’t make on a whim. A real estate investment is not an impulse buy for most people. You will need to put in a lot of effort when it comes to research to fully understand the options available to you. From financing to understanding all the different types of property available, covering all your bases will help you see the best results from your efforts. Review these tips to learn more.

Start With Research

Before you even set foot on potential investment property, you need to spend a good chunk of your time looking into the details of your options. Research is going to be an invaluable resource to you during the preliminary steps of the investment. For example, many people don’t realize that location plays a huge part in whether or not they can sell the property down the line. If you find a piece of real estate you can buy for a song, then it stands to reason that there are not a lot of interested parties. 

Look Into Financing

Another core component of a successful real estate investment is financing. As you can expect, purchasing property is an expensive move. For you to cover all the costs associated with the investment, you will likely need to find a form of stable financing. In the world of property investments, there are plenty of great options to consider. From SBA loans to fix-and-flip financing, take time to review the many available financing services to gain insight into which is best for you.

Take Your Time

Since desirable real estate seems to move at a fast speed, you might feel inclined to rush out and buy a piece of property before someone else does. Though the impulse is righteous, it will also lead you astray. For you to see lasting success as an investor, you want to make sure you’ve put a lot of thought into your decisions. Even if the piece of real estate you’ve had your eye on is snatched away by another investor, you can bet there’s another property just around the corner.

When it comes to making a real estate investment, there are many different options to consider. As long as you formulate a strategy that makes sense for your needs, you should have no trouble achieving success.

WHW Capital offers a wide variety of commercial real estate financing that can be scaled to fit any transaction or project. Contact our offices today to learn more.

5 Basic Principles of Web Design

5 Basic Principles of Web Design

You’re a leader or a business owner and might be wondering if there’s a way to demystify web design so you can have a site that’s streamlined, pleasing, attract your ideal customers, and converts them. No matter how trends and styles change, a few basic maxims stay consistent. Here are some foundational concepts to focus on when it comes to web design. 

1. Keep Your Layout Simple

Even though clever and complicated designs might be fun to look at, stick to standard layouts. Over four frames per page? That’s overkill. Horizontal scrolling, while interesting, is confusing and frustrating for most visitors. You or your web designer might decide to add a few unique design elements, but play it safe. Familiar patterns will help potential customers find the information they need.  

2. Utilize Negative Space 

Negative space (or white space) is one of the most important design elements of your website layout. Think of the layout of coffee table books. Are they crammed full of information and elements without space to breathe? Generally, no. It’s also helpful to think of graphics as being elements in your layouts. This will make your web design look more professional and intentional. 

3. Choose Fonts Carefully

Consider your ideal customer and the types of fonts they might use in their businesses. A general rule of thumb is to use sans serif fonts for text and serif for headlines. Recently, serif fonts have become easier to read on computer screens. If the font size is large enough and your type of business calls for it, you might want to break that rule. Limit your total number of fonts to two or three.

4. Choose Graphics and Photos Carefully

Optimize every image and graphic you put on your website. They should be small enough to facilitate rapid page loading and large enough to deliver sharp, clear quality on computer monitors. If you have it in your budget, hire a professional photographer to take photos of you, your employees, your workspace, and some candid shots. It’s money well-invested.

5. Remember Your Audience

Don’t skimp on the testing part. Test every page in multiple types of browsers and on every basic type of device. Over half of your visitors will be browsing on their phones; be sure your website is fully functional on mobile. 

Effective web design requires attention to the basics. To bring your site to the next level, contact the team at WHW Capital for a no-obligation consultation.

Advice on How To Secure SBA Loans

Advice on How To Secure SBA Loans

Finding the right financing for your business is not always the straightforward journey you might expect. Though traditional loans can be the best bet in several scenarios, you may also find the advantages of SBA loans to be quite appealing. However, this form of financing is notoriously difficult to obtain. For you to see the best possible results when applying for funds through a lender approved by the Small Business Administration, you need to keep certain points in mind. Review these suggestions and increase your odds of success.

Focus on Your Credit History

One of the biggest factors that will influence your eligibility for small business loans is your credit history. If your credit is impacted in some way, getting approved for a small business loan might prove challenging. Thankfully, there is still hope. First, you need to put time and effort into restoring your rating. Make better choices with how you borrow and spend to slowly build your score. By doing this, you’ll be more likely to see an approval on future applications. 

Devise a Sensible Business Plan

Beyond your credit rating, another main factor to consider with the application process for SBA loans is your business plan. This is the way you will prove to a potential investor that you are a responsible business owner who understands how to best apply borrowed funds. People who lend money to small businesses like to minimize their risks. If you have a plan that covers all your bases, it can provide peace of mind to anyone who might be interested in lending you funds. Review examples of comprehensive plans online to get a feel for what to do.

Look at Your Options

One common mistake business owners make when pursuing funds from the Small Business Administration is assuming all lenders are alike. While the SBA does put forth specific guidelines with how their approved lenders approach applications, the final decision often comes down to the lender itself. This means that you might want to shop around to gain some insight into the different lenders out there and what each is looking for in an applicant. The more you know, the easier it will be to find the best institution for your needs. 

There are many reasons to think about taking out SBA loans to help your business thrive. Take time to consider how to produce the best application possible and increase the odds of your approval. To learn more about SBA loans and explore accessible small business financing options, contact the team at WHW Capital today.

4 Effective Ways To Inspire Your Employees

4 Effective Ways To Inspire Your Employees

As a passionate business owner, you’ve probably considered various methods of inspiring your employees. Do you want them to have a high level of enthusiasm for your enterprise? Would you like an uplifted, collegial working environment? It all comes down to specific actions and attitudes that cultivate a great culture. Here are several effective practices that offer a positive path. 

1. Focus on Collaboration

If your employees are given frequent opportunities to participate in decision-making, they’ll demonstrate better buy-in once the decisions are made. There are several ways to make that happen; delegating, consensus, and voting. You can apply this to HR-related proposals, annual goals, and general policies and procedures. Cultures that focus on collaboration are more agile, nimble, and innovative. Also, the leaders of these cultures feel a significant weight off their shoulders. 

2. Reward and Recognize

The desire to give with joy is closely tied in with recognition and reward. Feeling invisible is a fast track to high employee turnover. To counteract this tendency, provide plenty of opportunities for reward and recognition. Working on optional cross-functional teams can be a major part of a worker’s annual evaluation. Also, the way you make eye contact, speak, gesture, and choose your words makes a big impact on how “seen” an employee feels. 

3. Focus on the Big Picture

Helping your employees understand the “why” of your company’s big picture makes their work more meaningful to them. It enables them to better make the connection between their job and the success of the business. Provide paid educational opportunities where workers can learn more about the business and how you define and measure success. Also, be clear about broad objectives and how each department’s metrics relate to them. 

4. Be Transparent about Decisions and Developments

Employees who have the full context regarding decisions and how options were considered are more likely to support them — even if they don’t agree. This process is best approached in a spirit of inquiry. A thorough exploration of ideas related to decisions or developments, as well as all related issues, is crucial. Make sure full inquiry takes place before advocacy. It’s only fair that employees have as much information as possible (while maintaining confidentiality when needed). 

Passionate, committed employees create thriving companies. Keep these suggestions in mind as you explore new ways to enhance your team culture.