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What To Know About Asset-Based Lending Services

What To Know About Asset-Based Lending Services

Though running a business can be rewarding in many ways, it can also be just as taxing. You never know when a sudden surprise will cause major setbacks. Thankfully, you can always formulate a plan for just such a situation. Thinking ahead and looking at your financing options, for example, is a great way to beat any potential cash flow troubles that come along. Though traditional loans might be your first thought, there are actually times when alternatives are more beneficial. Review this information to see how asset-based lending might help you.

The Trouble With Traditional Loans

Before diving into the details of the service, you may be curious why traditional bank loans aren’t always the best choice for your business. For one, many loans from larger lenders are based on the credit rating of the borrower. If you can’t guarantee a great score, then you could be denied on the loan application. Additionally, the terms and interest rates attached with these services may not be the best. This is where alternatives like ABL come into play. 

How ABL Works

Essentially, asset-based lending is a financing service that includes any type of loan or line of credit based around collateral. Instead of reviewing factors like credit to determine eligibility, the lender will look at the perceived value of an asset. This makes it easier for business owners to gain access to the funds that they need. Additionally, this type of funding can be used for very specific purposes. There are a handful of key advantages that come along with using ABL services to keep your business in good financial standing. 

Get What You Need

Some investments you will need to make as a business owner are going to be expensive. When a piece of your equipment breaks and you need to replace it, the costs of getting a new model might be more than you can afford. However, ABL services like equipment financing allow you the chance to use the value of the machinery to cover the costs of the loan. You get the equipment you need and don’t have to take unnecessary debt to reach your goals.

The beauty of using asset-based lending services is that you will be able to gain access to the money you need without having to go through a ton of red tape. To learn more about asset-based lending, contact the team at WHW Capital today.

Use Accounts Receivable Financing to Stimulate Cash Flow

Use Accounts Receivable Financing to Stimulate Cash Flow

Working capital is a vital component of running a business in the modern competitive marketplace. For your company to stay on top of the many expenses that come along with daily operations, you need to have access to cash at all times. What’s more, you need to be able to guarantee that you will have cash flow coming into your business down the line. When a client fails to pay for services you’ve provided, however, it can lead to some major setbacks for your brand. This is where accounts receivable financing solutions can help.

What Are AR Financing Services?

AR financing, which is also known as factoring, is a type of asset-based service available to business owners. It focuses on the unpaid invoices that business owners possess when customers don’t pay for completed work. The lender will purchase qualifying invoices from the business and provide an advance of a certain percentage of the invoice value. When the full debt is collected from the client, the lender then provides the business owner with the difference that is owed. The service is a very useful way to unlock revenue from unpaid customer invoices.

How You Benefit from Factoring Services

Accounts receivable financing services offer several benefits to business owners. For one, the service is quite different than other financing options. Unlike a loan, which requires the borrowed funds to be repaid within a set amount of time. AR financing is viewed as an advance. You are owed the money and are simply being given what you have been waiting for. Another key benefit is that the service is fast, flexible, and can be used whenever a business owner possesses invoices that will qualify.

What to Consider

Before you assume that AR financing is the best fit for your needs, there are a few points you should think over. For one, lenders that provide factoring services charge a fee for the advance. If you need every cent you’re owed to remain operational, then this may not be the best fit for you. What’s more, only certain invoices will qualify. Review the criteria put forth by the lender early and learn about what qualities the invoices must possess. Thinking over these points can offer more insight into how the service will benefit you.

Accounts receivable financing is a solution that can offer many key advantages to business owners. Contact WHW Capital today to rightsize your cash flow and build up capital for long-term success.

Use a Merchant Cash Advance To Find the Funds Your Business Needs

Use a Merchant Cash Advance To Find the Funds Your Business Needs

It is no secret that running a business can cost a lot of money. Whether you’re trying to cover basic operational expenses or you are looking at growth opportunities for the future, it can be useful to know where to turn for financial help. For many business owners, one of the best options for you to consider is a merchant cash advance. An MCA offers a variety of advantages to business owners and can often be more helpful than traditional financing options. Review these points to learn more.

Why an MCA Beats Standard Loans

When your business requires funds, you might assume that your best bet is to visit a bank and take out a loan. Of course, this isn’t always going to be the most helpful situation for all situations. If you need cash fast, then you might not have the time to wait through the approval process that most lenders require. What’s more, larger lending institutions often put strict guidelines on applicants. This means that you won’t qualify unless you’ve got a good credit score and meet other expectations. 

How an Advance Works

A merchant cash advance is a useful form of alternative financing that business owners can pursue. Essentially, the way this service works is simple. A lender that provinces an MCA will take a look at the credit card sales of the business. After considering projected earnings, the lender will then advance an amount based on the sales the business typically sees via credit regularly. The advance can be used however the business owner desires and the funds are repaid by being taken out of the future credit transactions of the business. 

What To Review

While there are many benefits to using an MCA to get your business back on track financially. There are just as many points of which to remain careful. For one, if you are experiencing a slower period of sales, then you might not be able to pay back the funds that you’ve been advanced in the way that the lender requires. If you don’t dedicate time to budgeting for the decision, you could be putting yourself in a more difficult financial position.

When it comes to the future of your business, it can be useful to consider all of your options with alternative financing. Contact WHW Capital today. Get started with a merchant cash advance and find the best way for you to get your company on the right track.

6 Tips for More Effective LinkedIn Marketing

6 Tips for More Effective LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn’s best-known purpose is as a social network for users’ professional lives. This makes it a natural fit for digital marketing campaigns. With the right social media marketing techniques, you can harness LinkedIn to give your business a significant boost. The following are six tips you can use to better market your brand on the platform.

1) Add a LinkedIn Badge to Your Website

Did you know that you can create a LinkedIn badge with key information from your profile or company page? This is a simple way to integrate your LinkedIn presence with your website. If you want to use the social network as a way to continue to engage your website visitors, this is an excellent way to direct them to connect with you.

2) Optimize Your Profile Links

You have more control over the links in your profile than you may realize. When you edit it, you can adjust the anchor text from the default. This is a great opportunity to do a little SEO work. It will also help you to make your links clearer for people with accessibility tools. Plus, it never hurts to make your anchor text more enticing.

3) Share Content in LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn can be a great tool for your content marketing efforts. It has a well-designed system for sharing posts with other professionals. Many marketers use this as a major resource for promoting content. If you have some ideas worth sharing, LinkedIn may be the place to do so.

4) Create a Complete Company Page

It is easy to make a simple company page on LinkedIn. However, many brands just stop here. There are so many other ways to enhance your page with images, videos, showcases, and more. Delve into all the options to draw out the full benefits of the network.

5) Target Your Showcase Pages

Showcase pages let you promote specific products or services. Plus, you can target them to specific personas in your marketing strategy. This is a great use for this often-underutilized feature on LinkedIn.

6) Use LinkedIn Ads

Finally, take advantage of the advertising options. Other social media sites often get more love from advertisers. However, the tools on LinkedIn can be very powerful. Plus, if you are promoting a B2B brand, there is no better social network.

Get Started Today

Discover more about LinkedIn marketing today by reaching out to the team at WHW Capital. With a little help, you could harness this powerful platform’s full potential.

Tips To See Improved Success With Lead Generation

Tips To See Improved Success With Lead Generation

In the modern marketing landscape, lead generation plays a pivotal role in a company’s ability to remain visible and relevant. Naturally, it is not so easy to ensure that new leads will be found. Whether you’re someone who has been in business for many years or you’ve only just gotten into your industry, you should definitely dedicate time and energy to creating a strategy for generating leads. Though a challenge, it is far from an impossible feat. Take a look at these suggestions and find the best fit for your marketing goals.

The Right Software Is Key

Right away, you need to take advantage of all the digital age has brought to the table in relation to generating leads. In the past, people had to physically go out and hunt down sources. From stuffing mailboxes to attending endless meet-and-greets, the process used to be a bit more involved. Thankfully, this is far from the case. In order for you to start designing and executing a plan for generation, you can turn to a selection of impressive programs and applications. Conduct a bit of research to learn more about what software may suit your needs.

The Social Media Angle

It should come as no surprise that social media plays an integral part in modern lead generation tactics. The best way to use your social accounts to drive potential leads to your business is by creating an inviting and engaging atmosphere. When you post content that educates and delights, it can make your profile more interesting to casual visitors. The longer people linger on your profile, the more likely it is that they will want to learn about what you have to offer. Focus on using your social profiles in this way and it can begin to produce results. 

The Quality Matters Most

Finally, you need to remember that generating a ton of leads is not exactly the best outcome for all of your hard work. When you have lots and lots of leads to sift through, you may be dealing with a variety of interest levels. What can be better is focusing on generating only leads that will produce real results. Think of the quality of the leads as more important than the quantity. By narrowing your selection to a few parties with surefire interest, you’ll feel better about the work you’ve put in.

There are many ways to think about the process of lead generation. Take time to consider all of your options in order to create a plan that will produce tangible results.