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As a passionate business owner, you’ve probably considered various methods of inspiring your employees. Do you want them to have a high level of enthusiasm for your enterprise? Would you like an uplifted, collegial working environment? It all comes down to specific actions and attitudes that cultivate a great culture. Here are several effective practices that offer a positive path. 

1. Focus on Collaboration

If your employees are given frequent opportunities to participate in decision-making, they’ll demonstrate better buy-in once the decisions are made. There are several ways to make that happen; delegating, consensus, and voting. You can apply this to HR-related proposals, annual goals, and general policies and procedures. Cultures that focus on collaboration are more agile, nimble, and innovative. Also, the leaders of these cultures feel a significant weight off their shoulders. 

2. Reward and Recognize

The desire to give with joy is closely tied in with recognition and reward. Feeling invisible is a fast track to high employee turnover. To counteract this tendency, provide plenty of opportunities for reward and recognition. Working on optional cross-functional teams can be a major part of a worker’s annual evaluation. Also, the way you make eye contact, speak, gesture, and choose your words makes a big impact on how “seen” an employee feels. 

3. Focus on the Big Picture

Helping your employees understand the “why” of your company’s big picture makes their work more meaningful to them. It enables them to better make the connection between their job and the success of the business. Provide paid educational opportunities where workers can learn more about the business and how you define and measure success. Also, be clear about broad objectives and how each department’s metrics relate to them. 

4. Be Transparent about Decisions and Developments

Employees who have the full context regarding decisions and how options were considered are more likely to support them — even if they don’t agree. This process is best approached in a spirit of inquiry. A thorough exploration of ideas related to decisions or developments, as well as all related issues, is crucial. Make sure full inquiry takes place before advocacy. It’s only fair that employees have as much information as possible (while maintaining confidentiality when needed). 

Passionate, committed employees create thriving companies. Keep these suggestions in mind as you explore new ways to enhance your team culture.