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You’re a leader or a business owner and might be wondering if there’s a way to demystify web design so you can have a site that’s streamlined, pleasing, attract your ideal customers, and converts them. No matter how trends and styles change, a few basic maxims stay consistent. Here are some foundational concepts to focus on when it comes to web design. 

1. Keep Your Layout Simple

Even though clever and complicated designs might be fun to look at, stick to standard layouts. Over four frames per page? That’s overkill. Horizontal scrolling, while interesting, is confusing and frustrating for most visitors. You or your web designer might decide to add a few unique design elements, but play it safe. Familiar patterns will help potential customers find the information they need.  

2. Utilize Negative Space 

Negative space (or white space) is one of the most important design elements of your website layout. Think of the layout of coffee table books. Are they crammed full of information and elements without space to breathe? Generally, no. It’s also helpful to think of graphics as being elements in your layouts. This will make your web design look more professional and intentional. 

3. Choose Fonts Carefully

Consider your ideal customer and the types of fonts they might use in their businesses. A general rule of thumb is to use sans serif fonts for text and serif for headlines. Recently, serif fonts have become easier to read on computer screens. If the font size is large enough and your type of business calls for it, you might want to break that rule. Limit your total number of fonts to two or three.

4. Choose Graphics and Photos Carefully

Optimize every image and graphic you put on your website. They should be small enough to facilitate rapid page loading and large enough to deliver sharp, clear quality on computer monitors. If you have it in your budget, hire a professional photographer to take photos of you, your employees, your workspace, and some candid shots. It’s money well-invested.

5. Remember Your Audience

Don’t skimp on the testing part. Test every page in multiple types of browsers and on every basic type of device. Over half of your visitors will be browsing on their phones; be sure your website is fully functional on mobile. 

Effective web design requires attention to the basics. To bring your site to the next level, contact the team at WHW Capital for a no-obligation consultation.