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Search engine optimization is an important part of increasing your business’s visibility online. However, creating digital content that will satisfy the requirements of search engine algorithms can be challenging. It can seem like SEO requires mind-reading or black magic to get right. This can make many small business marketers afraid to take risks. Of course, sometimes you have to try things, even if they may not work out. The following five risks are ones you should seriously consider taking.

1) Experimenting With Changes

Trying to tweak your content to work for search engines can be extremely challenging because everyone’s situation is a little different. The best thing you can do for yourself is run some tests. Try changing things up and seeing which version of your content gets the best results. Experimenting and A/B testing will put you on the path to success.

2) Improving Your URL Structure

Your URL structure plays an important role in how search engines interpret your website. Ideally, your domain should be short and easy to remember with subpages including keywords in the addresses. It can be worthwhile to alter your URL structure. However, you should make sure to use 301 redirects to forward your current URLs to the updated pages.

3) Buying Domain Names With History

There are a surprising number of domain names that have expired or not been renewed. These can have some search engine advantages. It may be worthwhile to purchase a domain name with history and use it to attract visitors to your website. It can be an inexpensive way to improve your traffic quickly.

4) Exchanging Quality Backlinks

As you likely know, links to your website can have a profound effect on your search engine page rank. One of the best ways to earn more links is to exchange them with other high-quality websites. It is important to only work with partners that will be relevant to your audience (and vice versa). However, when done right, this can be quite helpful.

5) Overhauling Your Website

Finally, if you think that your search engine optimization is not up to snuff, don’t be afraid to go big when making changes. Every once in a while, websites can benefit from a redesign and update. Like the URL restructuring, you should use forwards when necessary. This can be a slight risk, but it is often worth it if your visitors appreciate the change.

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