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LinkedIn’s best-known purpose is as a social network for users’ professional lives. This makes it a natural fit for digital marketing campaigns. With the right social media marketing techniques, you can harness LinkedIn to give your business a significant boost. The following are six tips you can use to better market your brand on the platform.

1) Add a LinkedIn Badge to Your Website

Did you know that you can create a LinkedIn badge with key information from your profile or company page? This is a simple way to integrate your LinkedIn presence with your website. If you want to use the social network as a way to continue to engage your website visitors, this is an excellent way to direct them to connect with you.

2) Optimize Your Profile Links

You have more control over the links in your profile than you may realize. When you edit it, you can adjust the anchor text from the default. This is a great opportunity to do a little SEO work. It will also help you to make your links clearer for people with accessibility tools. Plus, it never hurts to make your anchor text more enticing.

3) Share Content in LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn can be a great tool for your content marketing efforts. It has a well-designed system for sharing posts with other professionals. Many marketers use this as a major resource for promoting content. If you have some ideas worth sharing, LinkedIn may be the place to do so.

4) Create a Complete Company Page

It is easy to make a simple company page on LinkedIn. However, many brands just stop here. There are so many other ways to enhance your page with images, videos, showcases, and more. Delve into all the options to draw out the full benefits of the network.

5) Target Your Showcase Pages

Showcase pages let you promote specific products or services. Plus, you can target them to specific personas in your marketing strategy. This is a great use for this often-underutilized feature on LinkedIn.

6) Use LinkedIn Ads

Finally, take advantage of the advertising options. Other social media sites often get more love from advertisers. However, the tools on LinkedIn can be very powerful. Plus, if you are promoting a B2B brand, there is no better social network.

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