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Healthcare and Medical Financing

Your Healthcare and Medical Financing Options

Healthcare is a dynamic field with fast-changing technologies and realities. No matter what your goals are or what it’s facing, WHW Capital has smart healthcare financing tools for your practice.

Working Capital Loans

When you need cash for operational expenses or critical needs, our loans for working capital can help. With just a simple application, you can request up to $75,000. Need more? Include full financial statements and apply for up to $250,00. These loans come with several benefits:

  • Terms of up to 72 months
  • No advanced payments needed
  • No reporting to personal credit histories

Medical Equipment Financing

Our medical equipment leases and loans can bring valuable diagnostic and treatment technologies to your practice. You can qualify for a lease, a loan or both, with up to 50% coverage of your soft costs.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Dealing with your debt is easier with a consolidation loan. Instead of multiple payments and interest rates on several loans, you end up with one low monthly payment. Apply now and you could finish the consolidation process within one week.

Practice Acquisitions Financing

Practice acquisition loans can provide the funds to help you take the next steps for growth: buying out a partner, purchasing another practice or completing a merger. Qualifying professionals could get 100% financing.

Ready to learn more about or apply for healthcare financing? Contact the certified financial specialists at WHW Capital today.