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Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing Can Provide the Capital You Need To Grow

If you are in the business of filling orders for pre-sold goods, it can be challenging to find the capital you need to maintain your business. At WHW Capital we offer purchase order financing to help your business thrive without the need to take on more bank debt.

What is Purchase Order Financing?

It can be frustrating when your business successfully secures orders, but temporary cash flow issues prevent you from capitalizing on the opportunity. With purchase order financing, you can leverage your existing orders to obtain the capital you need to grow. Based on your existing orders, we will advance you the capital you need to complete your order and when you receive payment for the order, you repay us out of those funds. In this way, you are never taking on more bank debt, while still getting the support you need to keep your production line going. 

How Can You Use Your Funds?

When you utilize purchase order financing, you can use that capital to fund many different areas of your business. You can fill such needs as these:

  • Purchase inventory to fill large orders
  • Weather the ups and downs of seasonal business
  • Reserve existing cash for other purposes
  • Fulfill your payroll responsibilities
  • Upgrade your essential equipment

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