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A social media presence is crucial to running a successful business in this day and age. Adding a strategic marketing approach that includes quality content creation as well as content curation can help effectively reach the target audience and ultimately drive profits. Two different frameworks exist for balancing social media content and building trust with customers.

Creating content such as writing and publishing blogs is a vital part of content marketing, but sharing content is also important. People look to companies to help them understand problems and help solve them with their services or products. Producing original content can be costly in terms of knowledge and time. However, sharing content is relatively easy and can help get original content noticed. 

The first framework to help balance content and build trust is known as the 80/20 rule and has a large focus on providing valuable content and driving conversations. The rule says that 80% of all of the content should be genuinely valuable for customers in addition to being attractive for interaction. Only 20% of the information posted should be about the product, service, or brand. This helps show the audience that the site is not solely about the brand but is also about its customers.

The second framework, the Rule of Thirds, is similar to the 80/20 rule in that it separates the majority of content to be focused on audience interactions and content curation. With this rule, a third of the content should be original and encourage a conversation to ultimately drive profits. The next third of the content should be the curation of resources, ideas, and stories from experts in the company’s industry to provide value for the consumer. The final third is all about building relationships with the audience through conversations and personal interactions. The majority of resources are spent on sharing information and interacting with the audience.

These two frameworks do a good job of emphasizing sharing and interacting as part of the social media marketing strategy. Original work is still a very important part of the strategy, but it should be balanced with other information and activities. By varying the information shared on the company’s site, the audience can observe that there is more than just a sales pitch waiting for them. They can get valuable and interesting information while the company can boost credibility and, in the long run, potentially increase profits. For more information on building credibility through content marketing, contact the team at WHW Capital today.