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Making progress to combat the climate crisis may fall heavily on the shoulders of private companies. Consumers across all types of industries want to see businesses accept this charge with accountability and ownership. Taking steps to go green helps growing businesses win favor with their target customer bases and blaze a trail as innovators. Here are some important things that businesses should consider about becoming more environmentally friendly.

Energy Conservation

One of the best small business tips for going green is to step up energy efficiency. This is a great starting place for small businesses because it may not necessarily involve any new big expenditures. Simply being more conscientious about power usage can add up to substantial savings.

Heating and cooling costs can represent one of the biggest chunks of commercial electric bills, so using tools like smart thermostats and staying on top of system maintenance tasks are surefire ways to lower monthly overhead. Other important facility management functions that can impact energy consumption include using energy-efficient lighting systems and replacing outmoded equipment that uses a lot more power than newer generations of equipment.

Renewable Energy

There are sizable incentives available to some small business owners who are willing to invest in renewable energy. These types of improvements could help certain companies qualify for tax savings or rebates.

A solar panel installation sends a message to customers that’s loud and clear. When a business can showcase its renewable energy system in its marketing materials or its system is going to be conspicuous to customers when they arrive at a business’ location, it can help make a great impression on eco-conscious consumers.


Partnering with a 3PL provider that boasts about its low emissions and commitment to sustainability could make logistics activities less harmful to the environment. These types of service providers can also facilitate reduced fulfillment costs, so this may be one of the best small business tips for merchants and manufacturers who are looking to ramp up operations affordably.

Sustainable Sourcing

Buying supplies that are made with minimal impact on the environment can be an effective means to make a small business more environmentally friendly. Using products that are made from recycled materials and purchasing supplies from eco-friendly vendors may not offer much cost savings, but it’s a smart way for businesses to do some smart sustainability marketing.

Of course, eco-friendly initiatives may take some smart resource management strategies. However, investments and expenditures geared towards sustainability may help businesses enhance their earning capacity while also lowering their overhead costs.